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What is Black Girl Magic to you? And how can you tap into it?


Your magic might look like slaying it at your next pitch meeting, or like taking care of your loved ones everyday, or like building your new business from scratch. Whatever it is, we know it’s already inside of you, sis. 


That’s why Dr. D developed the Unlock Your Black Girl Magic e-course, to help you start thriving in your excellence

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Managing Multiple Roles “Wait, What Hat Am I Wearing?”

Because of the “Black Superwoman” trope, a lot of us tend to take on more roles than we can realistically handle. You’re a mom, you’re a boss, you’re a wife, you’re a daughter and you’ve still got about 10 other hats to wear depending on the day. That’s a bit much, sis. This module talks about managing expectations and priorities so that you can take care of who matters most: YOU.

The Black Girl At Work “When They Go Low, How Can I Stay High?”

Black women in the workplace face a unique set of problems. From microaggressions, to imposter syndrome, to the “Angry Black Woman” myth, we be going through it. This module focuses on how to thrive in a professional setting despite any challenges being thrown at you.

The Impact of the Pandemic “It’s Upsetting Me and My Homegirls”

2020 threw us all for a loop, girl. This crazy year took a toll on all of us and possibly led to some serious mental health changes. Not to mention, we miss our homegirls! So how do you cope through that? Get the necessary tip and tricks for combatting pandemic woes in this module.

Finances ”Sis, My Bag is Getting Low”

You might ask, what can a therapist teach me about getting to the bag? Turns out, a lot, sis. In this module, Dr. D explains how financial hardships and trauma are directly linked to your well-being, especially for Black women. When you don’t have to worry about money, you can focus on the real magic.

Intimate Relationships “Why Are You Breathing So Hard?”

What are your core values and how do you find a partner who lines up with what you need? Who you choose as a partner can heavily affect your well-being. This module addresses how intimate relationships can be an addition to your whole self, and how to tell if your relationship is truly healthy and serving you in a positive way.

Secondary Trauma “Social Media, The Dark Cloud”

It’s time to put down your phone, sis. This module teaches you how to be conscious of what you’re consuming on social media. From constant racial violence, to political injustice, to comparing yourself to your girlfriend who just got in shape, it’s all way too much. Learn how to unplug in intentional ways that help you maintain your magic.

Dr. D understands exactly what you’re going through because she’s been there herself. It’s about time you got professional tips and tools to conquer your mental health from someone who’s been in your shoes, sis. You need the Unlock Your Black Girl Magic e-course because it was designed JUST FOR YOU.

Who is Dr. Dana M. Hubbard?

Dr. Dana M. Hubbard, also known as “Dr. D”, is the owner and chief operator of Vitality Health and Wellness, LLC. She is a professional Licensed Clinical Social worker who has serviced veterans, women, children, and the Black community. She is also a Certified Lead Agent with a specialization in organizational psychology. Dr. Hubbard received her Doctorate in Health Care Administration in 2019. Additional educational accomplishments include a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Salisbury state.

Dr. Dana M. Hubbard served honorably in the United States Air Force. As a Captain in the Air Force, Dr. D was a mental health therapist for service members and was responsible for the mental health operations for the local Air Force base. She led a clinical team of 22 professionals served as the Behavioral Health Consultant for base commanders and led multiple Air Force programs.
As a Clinical Social Worker, Dr. Dana M. Hubbard specializes in Crisis Management, Bereavement, Child and Adolescent Counseling, Behavioral Health, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), military/veteran mental health, and most importantly, mental health for Black women and women of color.

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"Danielle helped me build my Apps Without Code Bootcamp program which now does over $1M per year!"

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"Danielle helped me build my Apps Without Code Bootcamp program which now does over $1M per year!"

- Happy Reviewer