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Unlock your black girl magic

Does the pandemic have you out here feeling defeated?

It is time to Unlock your
Black Girl Magic

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Dana M. Hubbard, a clinical social worker with experience working in crisis management, child and adolescent counseling, and military/veteran mental health. More importantly, I am a woman of color who knows what it’s like to navigate a world that doesn’t always hold space for people like us.

What is ‘Unlock Your Black Girl Magic?’

An eight chapter e-course designed with the black woman in mind. This ain’t your typical session. It’s a real, down-to-earth discussion between sisters.

Want to know more?

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What does black girl magic mean to you? Is it Viola Davis at the Oscars? Or is it the little brown-skinned girl playing hopscotch down the way? I know what you might be thinking — black girl magic? I’m not a girl anymore. I’m a grown woman, with grown problems. But what if you could approach those problems differently — with the boldness of a child, and the wisdom of an elder? What if you could learn how to balance work, life, and relationships while still taking time for self care?

That’s black girl magic.

This e-course will show you how to unlock the black girl magic in YOUR life. With real, practical sessions offered by Dr. D., a clinician with over twenty years of experience, you’ll learn about everything from the myth of the ‘black superwoman’ to how to deal with intimacy issues.

The sessions are real, the topics relatable, and you’ll be hearing from a woman who’s not only studied it, she’s lived it. So find your favorite spot on the couch, grab your drink of choice, and let’s unlock your black girl magic.

Unlocking Your Black Girl Magic is Easy.



One Time


  • Actionable Framework for Unlocking Your Black Girl Magic
  • Complimentary Workbook to Keep You on Track
  • Facebook Support Group to Keep You Encouraged
  • One Hour Complimentary with Dr. Dana Hubbard
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Per Month


  • Actionable Framework for Unlocking Your Black Girl Magic
  • Modules to be Delivered Once a Month for 12 Months
  • Facebook Support Group to Keep You Encouraged
  • Access to proven methods for Self Optimization
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